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Our largest permanent exhibition in NRW!

March 21st - September 15th, 2024

The permanent exhibition in Wiedenbrück. Every year since 2006 you will find the Alltagsmenschen in a new constellation.

Exhibition Alltagsmenschen Wiedenbrück 2024

Das Sommerfest. Alltagsmenschen in weißer Kleidung. Betonfiguren

Everyday people Wiedenbrück

From March 21st to September 15th, 2024, the landmarks of the city of Wiedenbrück are again accessible to all visitors. More than 90 sculptures at 27 locations invite you to take a city tour.

Positions Alltagsmenschen

Visit the Alltagsmenschene in Wiedenbrück again this year. The installations in public space surprise with new perspectives that invite you to think, communicate and interact. Again, The Burckhard Kramer Foundation makes this possible.


You can download the complete flyer for your city tour through Wiedenbrück here:


Interactive map with all positions of the
Alltagsmenschen in Wiedenbrück

Christel Lechner & Laura Lechner. Künstlerin Alltagsmenschen

Christel and Laura Lechner

Find out more about the artists Christel Lechner and Laura Lechner as well as the Lechnerhof Atelier - the home of all Alltagsmenschen.

Pictures of The Alltagsmenschen from Wiedenbrück

Are your pictures missing in the gallery? Send us your #AlltagsmenschenMoment from Wiedenbrück by email
kontakt@christel-lechner.de so that we can show them in this gallery here. We look forward to your impressions!

Anker Kontakt
Nahaufnahme Alltagsmenschen. Figuren aus Beton. Tanzende Frau

Mrs. Nicole M.

The Alltagsmenschen are always a wonderful enrichment for Mosbach and they conjure up a smile on your face with their cheerful charisma.

Alltagsmenschen Frau. Betonskulptur

Mrs. Ursula B.

2 weeks ago I visited your Alltagsmenschen in Mosbach and I am absolutely thrilled. Believe me, my camera did not stand still!!

Alltagsmenschen Wiedenbrück. Nahaufnahme Frau aus Beton in grünem Kleid mit Muster

Mr. Martin P.

The joy that you conjured up on the faces of all of us with your sculptures will hopefully return to you.

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