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Laura Lechner Atelier Lechnerhof

Atelier Lechnerhof
in Witten

In their picturesque Atelier Lechnerhof in Witten Christel Lechner and Laura Lechner sketch their ideas and designs for the Alltagsmenschen.

Over two decades the artists have increasing refined their techniques; they have tried new things out and

rejected them again, came up with new ideas and further developed them. Mother and daughter form

a unique symbiosis with their different artistic backgrounds complementing one another.

Christel Lechner und Laura Lechner - Künstlerin Alltagsmenschen

Two strong women stand behind the art of everyday people

Christel Lechner - Künstlerin Alltagsmenschen


Christel Lechner has been exhibiting her concrete sculptures in public spaces since 1996

Laura Lechner - Künstlerin Alltagsmenschen


The master student of Peter Doig has been running the Atelier Lechnerhof since 2017


While Laura Lechner sketches pictures of the sculpture groups, Christel Lechner prepares preliminary studies and creates the first draft models. Whereas the first sculptures still seemed relatively static, the Alltagsmenschen are now characterised by a remarkable liveliness that not only results from obvious body movement.

The Lechner sculptures combine the rough and the fine, lightness and weight – after all, the life-size sculptures weigh between 80 and 150 kg. Mineral colours give the sculptures a special liveliness and make them weatherproof.


"I'm interested in what connects people. In this way, the art of everyday people creates a change of perspective and serves as the connecting element.”

[Laura Lechner]

Christel Lechner - Schöpferin der Alltagsmenschen aus Witten

Christel Lechner

"To me, a life being lived is the most human form of beauty"

I want to strike a chord with people in their everyday lives and connect them directly: arouse emotions, pause, maybe even allow them to rediscover themselves. Everyone can identify her-/himself with the sculpture in the shower: It is an everyday situation, a mirror, but nonetheless a very respectful contemplation and approach.


And at this point we come very close to the core of my work, which respects and values ​​people. Often, my work is understandable in a very intuitive way.

Laura Lechner


Everyday life which touches everyone in its inconspicuous beauty is reflected in our Alltagsmenschen in a way that everyone can experience. The very personal story of each person is united in space and time."

summarizes Laura Lechner her work with the well-known sculptures The Alltagsmenschen, made of concrete.


Each figure has its very own character and tells an individual story that often only reveals itself at second glance, but is always touching.

Laura Lechner - Schöpferin der Alltagsmenschen im Atelier Lechnerhof
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