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The Alltagsmenschen are returning to Mosbach!

March 17 - June 14, 2021


After the success of the last two exhibitions, visitors once again encounter concrete people everywhere in the pedestrian zone, who invite you to smile and pause for a moment.

Exhibition and flyer of the Alltagsmenschen
Mosbach 2021

Alltagsmenschen Fotograf Mosbach

Information Mosbach

From March 17 to June 14, 2021 the Alltagsmenschen will be guests in Mosbach for the third time. A total of 40 sculptures linger at 13 locations in Mosbach's old town and are sensitively integrated into the cityscape at striking locations.

Flyer Mosbach 2021

Enjoy a stroll through the picturesque Mosbach city center and experience everyday people up close.


"Through the distance we learn to see", Christel and Laura Lechner describe this year's exhibition with new perspectives and impressive impressions.


You can download the flyer for your city tour here:


Interactive map with all positions of thr
Alltagsmenschen in Mosbach

Have you already visited the everyday people in Mosbach? Feel free to send us pictures of the summer table, the puddle jumper, Helga in the sun or the red ladies!


We look forward to showing you your very own everyday moment here on our website!

Christel and Laura Lechner -
the artists behind the Alltagsmenschen

Laura und Christel Lechner

Find out more about the artists Christel Lechner and Laura Lechner as well as the Lechnerhof Atelier - the home of all Alltagsmenschen.

Pictures of the Alltagsmenschen from Mosbach

Are your pictures missing in the gallery? Send us your #AlltagsmenschenMoment from Mosbach by email
kontakt@christel-lechner.de so that we can show them here. We look forward to your experiences!

Tänzerin Alltagsmenschen Mosbach

Mrs. Nicole M.

The Alltagsmenschen are always a wonderful enrichment for Mosbach and they conjure up a smile on your face with their cheerful charisma.

Putzfrau Alltagsmenschen Mosbach

Mrs. Ursula B.

2 weeks ago I visited your Alltagsmenschen in Mosbach and I am absolutely thrilled. Believe me, my camera did not stand still!!

Was fliegt denn da Alltagsmenschen Mosbach

Mr. Martin P.

The joy that you conjured up on the faces of all of us with your sculptures will hopefully return to you.

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