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Alltagsmenschen Fulda 2023 | Die Polonaise aus Betonmenschen

Exhibition, flyer and map of
The Alltagsmenschen |

Eschborn 2021

The Alltagsmenschen on the sculpture axis
in Eschborn near Frankfurt
13 May - 24 October 2021


The life-size concrete sculptures with character and history invite you to take a tour of the sculpture park in Eschborn this summer.

Alltagsmenschen Fulda 2023 | 2 Nonnen aus Beton

Information Eschborn

The Alltagsmenschen will be guests in Eschborn for the first time from May 13th to October 24th, 2021. In total, you can discover 50 sculptures in 7 locations. The comprehensive sculpture exhibition can be seen along a route that stretches near the Westerbach from the Niederhöchstadt sculpture park to the town hall .


The sculpture axis now runs through the entire urban area of Eschborn and Niederhöchstadt and, depending on the location, offers visitors a view of the famous Frankfurt skyline or the Taunus. The sculptures by international artists - which are now being complemented by the Alltagsmenschen of Christel and Laura Lechner - not only shape the cityscape, but also create a dialogue between the viewer and art.

Credit Titelbild und dieses Foto: Matthias Krisch Fotografie

Flyer Eschborn 2021

Two different routes invite you to discover and enjoy the sculpture park in Eschborn.


Route 1 leads you through the Oberwiesen and the sculpture park, where you will experience a total of six installations.


Starting from Eschernplatz, Route 2 leads through the city center of Eschborn, where the Alltagsmenschen are looking forward to your visit.


You can download the flyer for your city tour here soon. Unfortunately, it is currently not available.

Alltagsmenschen Fulda 2023 | 2 Männer auf dem Sofa | Betonmenschen
Flyer Alltagsmenschen Fulda 2023 mit allen Standorten der Betonfiguren

Art in Eschborn

Art in public space plays a very special role in Eschborn. In the entire city area - on the so-called sculpture axis or in the sculpture park you will find 25 sculptures by artists with an
international reputation. This summer, Christel Lechner and Laura Lechner will join them with over 50 sculptures that complement the existing sculptures with the Alltagsmenschen exhibition.

All information about the works of art on the Eschborn sculpture axis can also be found in the new audio tours on the Eschborn city website:

Interactive map with all positions of the
Alltagsmenschen in Eschborn near Frankfurt

Have you already visited the everyday people in Eschborn? Feel free to send us pictures of the construction workers, Mr. Oben, Holger or the waiting room!


We are looking forward to showing your very own#Alltagsmenschenmoment here on our website!

Christel and Laura Lechner -
the artists behind the Alltagsmenschen

Christel Lechner und Laura Lechner | Erschafferinnen der Alltagsmenschen

Find out more about the artists Christel Lechner and Laura Lechner as well as the Lechnerhof Atelier - the home of all Alltagsmenschen.

Pictures of the Alltagsmenschen from Eschborn

Are your pictures missing in the gallery? Send us your #AlltagsmenschenMoment from Eschborn by email
kontakt@christel-lechner.de so that we can show them here. We look forward to your impressions!

Alltagsmenschen Fulda 2023 | Die Polonaise

Mrs. Nicole M.

The Alltagsmenschen are always a wonderful enrichment for Mosbach and they conjure up a smile on your face with their cheerful charisma.

Alltagsmenschen Fulda 2023 | Einkaufsfrau aus Beton

Mrs. Ursula B.

2 weeks ago I visited your Alltagsmenschen in Mosbach and I am absolutely thrilled. Believe me, my camera did not stand still!!

Alltagsmenschen Fulda 2023 | Nonne

Mr. Martin P.

The joy that you conjured up on the faces of all of us with your sculptures will hopefully return to you.

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