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Alltagsmenschen Betonfiguren "Die Tanzgruppe" auf Holz Podest in Meppen

12. July – 11. Oktober 2022
An Alltagsmenschen exhibition by the artists Christel & Laura Lechner

In 2022, the Alltagsmenschen will visit the city of Meppen in Emsland for the first time. Meppen is not only known for its impressive landscape, some of the most beautiful cycling routes in Germany and two large nearby nature parks, but also for its picturesque city center. This year, more than 40 Alltagsmenschen at 10 locations will be integrated into the Meppen cityscape and invite you to walk around, touch and linger.

Exhibition and position of the Alltagsmenschen |
Meppen 2022

Polonaise Alltagsmenschen Fotomontage Meppen 2022

Meppen likes you

The Alltagsmenschen exhibition can be explored by all visitors along a tour. The city of Meppen has created a flyer for this purpose, which you can download here.

Tänzer aus der Alltagsmenschen Installation "Die Tanzgruppe" in Meppen. Betonskulpturen öffentliche Kunst

The Alltagsmenschen in Meppen

From July 12th to October 11th, 2022 they will be guests in Meppen for the first time: the Alltagsmenschen of the Witten artists Christel & Laura Lechner. More than 40 sculptures linger at 10 locations in the center of Meppen and are sensitively integrated into the cityscape at concise locations. ​


The sculptures reinterpret the space that surrounds them and thus enable the viewer to gain new access to the surroundings that may already be familiar.


Every Alltagsmensch, the environment and the viewer enter into a conscious dialogue and enable direct access to art.

3 Duscher aus Beton. Alltagsmenschen in Badeanzug und Badehose als öffentliche Kunst. Betonmenschen

Kinderrallye Meppen

Spürnasen aufgepasst! In Meppen gibt es eine Rallye mit vielen Fragen rund um die Alltagsmenschen!

Entdecken Sie auf Ihrem Rundgang alle 10 Alltagsmenschen Installationen und beantworten Sie die gestellten Fragen. 

Wer alle Fragen richtig beantwortet, wird mit einer kleinen Überraschung belohnt (solange der Vorrat reicht). 

Wir wünschen Ihnen einen wunderbaren Aufenthalt mit der gesamten Familie in Meppen!

Interactive map of Meppen with the position of all Alltagsmenschen

Have you already visited the Alltagsmenschen in Celle? Feel free to send us pictures of the red sofa, the nuns or the swimming tire man!


We look forward to showing you your very own everyday moment here on our website!

Christel and Laura Lechner -
the artists behind the Alltagsmenschen

Christel Lechner und Laura Lechner| Künstlerinnen der Alltagsmenschen

Find out more about the artists Christel Lechner and Laura Lechner as well as the Lechnerhof Atelier - the home of all Alltagsmenschen.

Pictures of the Alltagsmenschen from Meppen

Your pictures of the concrete figures are missing in the gallery? Please send us your #AlltagsmenschenMomente from Meppen by email to kontakt@christel-lechner.de so that we can show them here. We look forward to your experiences!

Nahaufnahme Betonfigur "Claudia" der Alltagsmenschen Ausstellung 2022 in Nordkirchen

Mrs. Nicole M.

The Alltagsmenschen are always a wonderful enrichment for Mosbach and they conjure up a smile on your face with their cheerful charisma.

Alltagsmensch Betonskulptur aus der Installation "Geburtstagstafel" in Nordkirchen 2022

Mrs. Ursula B.

2 weeks ago I visited your Alltagsmenschen in Mosbach and I am absolutely thrilled. Believe me, my camera did not stand still!!

Alltagsmenschen | Mann in rotem Hemd der sich gerade hinsetzen möchte.

Mr. Martin P.

The joy that you conjured up on the faces of all of us with your sculptures will hopefully return to you.

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