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Alltagsmenschen Entstehung
Christel Lechner Alltagsmenschen

Christel Lechner

"A Life Being Lived is the Most Human Form of Beauty"

Based on Laura Lechner's first concept studies, Christel Lechner models the first preliminary studies of the Alltagsmenschen, which she and her daughter breathe life into.

Laura Lechner Alltagsmenschen

Laura Lechner

“Alltagsmenschen rest in themselves and thus offer the viewer a moment of pause. A chance to see the unique in the imperfect."

The pictorial conception of the Alltagsmenschen is particularly important to the master student Laura Lechner in order to give her art a remarkable vitality.

Die Alltagsmenschen

Two strong women stand behind the art of the Alltagsmenschen: Laura and Christel Lechner. The two artists are not only mother and daughter, but they also work and live together in the idyllic Lechnerhof Atelier near Witten.

Laura and Christel Lechner's Alltagsmenschen touch almost everyone who meets them, which they will impressively demonstrate at five major exhibitions in 2022 and several smaller installations.

Laura & Christel Lechner im Atelier Lechnerhof mit Alltagsmenschen

Alltagsmenschen Ausstellungen 2024

Alltagsmenschen Valkenburg 2024 - amerikanisches Paar


Mär - Jun 24

Alltagsmenschen Höxter 2024 - großes Paar


Mär - Okt 24

Alltagsmenschen Wiedenbrück 2024


Mär - Sep 24

Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Duscher


Mär - Okt 24

Bad RagARTz 2024 - Alltagsmenschen Boule Spieler


Mai - Okt 24

Alltagsmenschen Marktredwitz Bayern 2024


Jul - Nov 24


Laura & Christel Lechner

2024 - Bad RagARTz
Pressebilder - Boule Gruppe
(Bilder: Sylt 2023)

2024 - Sylt

2024 - Valkenburg